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Implementing Nix's command-not-found in Guix

From: Sarthak Shah
Subject: Implementing Nix's command-not-found in Guix
Date: Sun, 5 Mar 2023 03:12:22 +0530

Hello Guix!

I'd like to implement something similar to NixOS's command-not-found in Guix.
As you can see in the repository below, it contains a nix file which is essentially a shell script which runs the second file, a perl script, if the user enters a command which is not found on this system. The perl script suggests names of packages containing said command which it pulls from an SQL database.
This would make Guix much more user-friendly; for example, new Guix System users often struggle to figure out how to add the "clear" command to their shell. command-not-found would immediately inform them that it can be found in the ncurses package.

How would you recommend I go about implementing something similar for Guix?
I have unfortunately been unable to find a database or anything similar listing files outputted to /bin by each package, which would in my opinion be the starting step.

Happy Hacking!
Sarthak (cel7t)

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