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Re: Oniro or Guix on Zephyr kernel?

From: Ryan Sundberg
Subject: Re: Oniro or Guix on Zephyr kernel?
Date: Sat, 4 Mar 2023 16:42:58 -0800

Hi Joshua, you can find my code to build NetBSD images published here:

It very much just "research", so no guarantees about it being useful for
anything. But it certainly does boot NetBSD images with the standard
userspace. Work on porting Shepherd was started, but that's where I stopped.

You will also at need to use my branches of:

Netbsd: (especially the first
commit, Guix build support, which patches the build script)

Guix (Not all my patches have been
accepted or yet been submitted upstream)

If you have any specific questions, please contact me directly
(off-list). There is also other interesting code you are free to explore
in my gitlab :)

Ryan Sundberg

On 3/4/23 9:26 AM, Joshua Branson wrote:
> Ryan Sundberg <> writes:
>> I have also used Guix to build a NetBSD image. You can use Guix to build
>> just about any operating system image imaginable with the right amount
>> of practice and patience :) A lot of patience in some cases as you are
>> sure to hit some uncharted territory building whatever it happens to be.
>> Getting the userspace to run is a bigger task, but you can certainly use
>> Guix to build for example an embedded OS image with it's default
>> userspace (not porting the Guix daemon or Shepherd).
> Can you post the code or routine that you did for this?  I would love
> for guix to run on the OpenBSD kernel, but if guix requires glibc for
> most of the features...and porting glibc to OpenBSD might be a far off
> goal...

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