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Re: Guix on Apple Silicon

From: Roman Scherer
Subject: Re: Guix on Apple Silicon
Date: Sat, 04 Mar 2023 15:58:00 +0100
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Hi Tobias,

I sent some patches to get the ball rolling:

There is one package, asahi-fwextract, which does not include any BLOBs,
but extracts firmware from a user provided file. Is that alread a
vialoation of the FSDG, and should be excluded?


Tobias Geerinckx-Rice <> writes:

> Roman,
> On 2023-02-25 20:17, Roman Scherer wrote:
>> I'm working on a channel to run Guix on an Apple M1. I wonder if there
>> is interest in bringing some of its packages into Guix itself,
>> provided licensing allows it.
> As long as they're FSDG-OK, I'd love to see this happen.
> Kind regards,
> T G-R
> Sent from a Web browser.  Excuse or enjoy my brevity.

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