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Re: grub-shell: Pass -no-pad to xorriso when building floppy images

From: Thomas Schmitt
Subject: Re: grub-shell: Pass -no-pad to xorriso when building floppy images
Date: Thu, 16 Jan 2014 17:17:03 +0100


> >   mkrescue_args="${mkrescue_args} -no-pad"

> This doesn't work for me:
>   ./grub-mkrescue: invalid option -- 'n'

So the documentation seems not to match the implementation.
 "All arguments not explicitly listed as @command{grub-mkrescue} options are
  passed on directly to @command{xorriso} in @command{mkisofs} emulation mode.
  Options passed to @command{xorriso} will normally be interpreted as
  @command{mkisofs} options; if the option @samp{--} is used, then anything
  after that will be interpreted as native @command{xorriso} options."

But you seem to experience that "--" ends grub-mkrescue options
and begins xorriso -as mkisofs options.

Is this ./grub-mkrescue the binary of the new C program ?

I am riddling over /grub-core/gnulib/argp-parse.c now, where
i see
  /* The meta-argument used to prevent any further arguments being interpreted
     as options.  */
  #define QUOTE "--"

Do i get it right that xorriso's default list delimiter and
the reserved argument QUOTE collide ?

The xorriso delimiter is user adjustable before the -as mkisofs
command. E.g.:

  xorriso -list_delimiter +xorriso-native+ \
          -as mkisofs ...

The instruction towards the user of grub-mkrescue for entering
the native command mode would then be to use argument
and to choose a more convenient delimiter by the first native
  list_delimiter -- ...actually.intended.native.commands... 
This way the intended native commands can use the normal delimiter
as descibed in the man page of xorriso.

Have a nice day :)


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