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Re: mdoc(7): CHECKSTYLE

From: G. Branden Robinson
Subject: Re: mdoc(7): CHECKSTYLE
Date: Mon, 24 Apr 2023 00:31:16 -0500

Hi Alex,

At 2023-04-23T16:17:06+0200, Alejandro Colomar wrote:
> I got some errors from mdoc(7), which were probably due to the
> <>.
> Why is that file problematic with mdoc(7)?

I can't tell you; I get "Path not found" from that URL.

> Anyway, I thought that I could just remove it, since it's easier to
> check with grep(1) if there's anything printed on stderr.  I should
> have thought of that before.
> You may ask why am I using mdoc(7).

No.  It's a free country.  ;-)

> I was just making sure that the Linux man-pages' build system works
> with mdoc(7) pages.

This is a good idea and I predict Ingo will not object.  :)

> So now it's useful for testing arbitrary manual pages from other
> projects by just wiping man*/ and copying the pages from other
> projects into the repo.  Or even more interestingly, one can simply
> copy the makefiles to /usr/share/man/ and go wild.  debbugs might see
> a sudden burst of issues regarding man pages :-}.

Uh-oh; I fear I might get some of the blame.  I'll have to lobby
Congress for immunity from liability for misuse of the high-capacity
ammunition clips I sell to people who do mass bug filings against man


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