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Re: proctological linter warnings on groff's man pages (was: mdoc(7): CH

From: Alejandro Colomar
Subject: Re: proctological linter warnings on groff's man pages (was: mdoc(7): CHECKSTYLE)
Date: Wed, 26 Apr 2023 23:58:06 +0200
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On 4/26/23 11:44, Alejandro Colomar wrote:
> Hi Branden,
> On 4/26/23 11:06, G. Branden Robinson wrote:
>> Hi Alex,
>> At 2023-04-24T19:11:58+0200, Alex Colomar wrote:
>>>> At 2023-04-23T16:17:06+0200, Alejandro Colomar wrote:
>>>>> I got some errors from mdoc(7), which were probably due to the
>>>>> <>.
>>>>> Why is that file problematic with mdoc(7)?
>> [...]
>>> <>
>> It's not obvious to me why that macro file would cause any problems.
> You could try if you're curious; since I already removed groff's
> pages from my build system, I'd have to repeat the setup.  If you
> want me to do it, I can.  Otherwise, I already removed that file
> from the Linux man-pages, so we can just ignore this, if you're not
> curious enough.

I can't reproduce it.  It might be due to running 1.22.4 (but that
being from the 23rd or April, something doesn't really fit in my head).

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