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Re: Comprehension problem with macros

From: G. Branden Robinson
Subject: Re: Comprehension problem with macros
Date: Mon, 24 Apr 2023 00:26:47 -0500

Hi Oliver,

At 2023-04-23T14:32:55+0200, Oliver Corff wrote:
> yes, I remember having heard of the two different modes

"Copy mode" and (not copy mode), which didn't have a name in CSTR #54.
(Terser is better.  :-| )

> but had only a passive understanding.
> Thank you for pointing this out!
> I also see that you avoid going through .ie n < 10 then n .el \*[n]
> construction. I was not quite sure if I could abuse single-digit
> numbers in such a way.

Yup.  *roff is extremely generous in what it will accept as an
identifier.  I significantly revised groff's Texinfo manual and the
groff(7) and roff(7) man pages for groff 1.23.0 to cover both this topic
and copy mode in what I hope is clearer language.


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