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Re: [Groff] Elegant -ms and -mpdfmark documents

From: Kristaps Dzonsons
Subject: Re: [Groff] Elegant -ms and -mpdfmark documents
Date: Fri, 8 Sep 2017 15:19:16 -0700
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>> Deri, thanks for the note!  I'll switch the examples and notes to use
>> pdfroff for pdf output.  This also solves for the PSPIC problem, where I
>> could use PSPIC for -Tps, but not for -Tpdf.  Was "-mspdf" intentional,
>> by the way?  I can't find mention of it in the manual.  The invocation I
>> think's needed in this case is "pdfroff -i -ms -t -k -Kutf8".
> Deri's suggestion to use "-mspdf" was (almost) certainly intentional; it 
> is a thin wrapper around "-ms", redefining some "ms" internals to make it 
> play nicer with "-mpdfmark", (the latter being sourced implicitly when 
> running groff through pdfroff.

Thanks, Keith.  The spdf tmac was a good find!

Note that when I run pdfroff without -mpdfmark and with -ms, groff
1.22.3, it does not handle the pdfhref W's at all.  (Links are omitted
from the PDF file output.)  However, as mentioned, when I use -mspdf, I
don't need to invoke -mpdfmark (or obviously, -ms) directly, given that
it's mso'ing both of the others.

Incidentally, the XN documentation is empty in the current (?)
pdfmark.pdf document[1].  It bears mentioning that the invocation
replaces the subsequent section name as in the NH invocation:

  .NH n
  .XN The section header
  Now the section...

As before I had misread the macro usage as needing:

  .NH n
  .XN The section header
  The section header  <-- (nope)
  Now the section...

Moreover, since "XN" accepts only data on the current line, and NH
accepts subsequent lines, this can cause some surprising results with
multi-line section names!




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