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[Groff] Elegant -ms and -mpdfmark documents

From: Kristaps Dzonsons
Subject: [Groff] Elegant -ms and -mpdfmark documents
Date: Tue, 5 Sep 2017 23:49:26 -0700
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Hello groffers,

I have a survey question regarding -ms and -mpdfmark documents.  In
lowdown[1], I emit such documents with the following prologue:

.nr PS 10
.nr GROWPS 3
.DA 2017-09-05
A Title
Comrade Foo
Text here.

The top two lines come from an example given in groff_ms(7), and I'm
afraid aren't the result of a great deal of study on my part.  To wit, I
wonder if anybody who uses -ms and -mpdfmark has any suggestions on
settings to improve the legibility of produced documents.  I'm not
displeased with the output (see enclosed examples), but curious if I can
do better.  For example, the colouring of links, or perhaps the default
header sizes and increments.  Or even better, font usage.  I don't know!


Enclosed is the original markdown (, the generated -ms and
-mpdfmark document (, and the current PDF output from the

lowdown -Dnroff-numbered -s -Tms | \
  groff -Tpdf -dpaper=a4 -P-pa4 -ms -mpdfmark > index.pdf

For what it's worth, in lowdown(1) I suggest the following invocation
for producing PS:

  groff -k -Dutf8 -t -ms -mpdfmark

This is because markdown documents may contain UTF-8 and lowdown will
produce tbl(7).




PS, yes, there are many areas where lowdown can do better with its -ms
output.  For example, see the "how you can help" section, but also in
using the pdfmark macros for linking within the document and so on.  If
you have suggestions, let me know.

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