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Re: [Groff] gtbl, T{ ... T} doesn't work?

From: Larry Kollar
Subject: Re: [Groff] gtbl, T{ ... T} doesn't work?
Date: Sun, 13 Jun 2004 18:13:58 -0400

Meg McRoberts wrote:

While we're speaking of tables...

I'm having some trouble with a table building into HTMl
with -mandoc.  I have a manpage with a bunch of long but
simple tables.  It built okay on my Mandrake 8 system
(running whatever groff comes with that) but when I moved
the file to a current RedHat system, the tables don't build
at all for HTML.  They are fine in the ASCII, ps, and pdf

The Makefile looks OK. I'll bet you're missing a utility on the
RedHat box. From the grohtml(1) manpage:

grohtml is dependent upon the png utilities (pnmcut, pnmcrop, pnmtopng) and GhostScript (gs). pnmtopng (version 2.37.6 or greater) and pnmcut from the netpbm package (version 9.16 or greater) will work also. It
       is  also  dependent upon psselect from the PSUtils package.

If the tables are *really* simple, you might want to give this a
shot:  -- it works
like a preprocessor & formats tbl input into HTML tables.

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