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[Groff] groff and warnings

From: Mark Veltzer
Subject: [Groff] groff and warnings
Date: Sat, 17 Aug 2002 01:44:50 +0300

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Hello all!!!

A few issues:
1. Gorff manual and info state that you can allow/inhibit warnings of all 
types according to warning names. What are the warning names ? I couldn't 
find them anywhere... How can I know what the warning name is from a warning 
line like this:
        "/tmp/file9Kwzj7:3927: warning [p 1, 368.3i]: can't break line" ?!?

2. Why isn't there a flag to inhibit all warnings (like the flag that exists 
for error messags..) ? It's pretty useful (especially for the things I'm 
doing which is trying to convert a whole bunch of manual pages).

Another issue altogether:
I'm currently playing with a subproject of an free source project of mine 
called Meta (check it out on CPAN) which intends to put all manual pages in 
an RDBMS (currently MySQL but since I'm using perl the code is portable). I'd 
like to know what the people here think of the idea. Please let me know of 
anything that comes to mind.

Here are the main advantages to storing the manual pages in a database:
1. Full text search capability on manual page content and not just title.
2. Saving disk space by storing manual pages only on a single machine on a 
3. Having synchronized version of the manual pages accross a LAN (for 
instance in a development lab).
4. Having preprocessed (ps,dvi,html,ascii) versions of the pages in the RDBMS 
ready for display (cached like catman but without the ugly code).
5. Ability to browse/search/print your manual pages by providing access to 
the RDBMS manual system via your web server (apache). You could connect to 
your machine at home and see your manual pages from anywhere via a web 
6. If your friend or GNU for that matter are running my type of RDBMS manual 
page server then you can (with a simple switch) browse their manual pages too 
and see manual pages for command that you don't have right off the command 
7. No need for makewhatis (did you see the code there ?!?).

Any comments/reservations/technical problems that you come up with are 


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