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Re: [Groff] groff and warnings

From: Colin Watson
Subject: Re: [Groff] groff and warnings
Date: Sat, 17 Aug 2002 10:53:43 +0100
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On Sat, Aug 17, 2002 at 08:54:55AM +0100, Ralph Corderoy wrote:
> Hi Mark,
> > 3. Having synchronized version of the manual pages accross a LAN (for
> > instance in a development lab).
> A bit OT but either my machines are already running in-sync programs,
> and my man pages are therefore already in-sync too, or there are
> different versions of /bin/ls kicking about and I'd like the matching
> versions of ls(1) too.

Yes, I would warn that it's already quite difficult to make sure you get
a matching manual page when you have multiple versions of a command on
your $PATH. (I have a bug along those lines to fix in man-db at the
moment ...)

Colin Watson                                  address@hidden

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