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[Groff] Re: the linux-gremlin problem

From: Daniel Senderowicz
Subject: [Groff] Re: the linux-gremlin problem
Date: Fri, 16 Aug 2002 11:47:13 -0700 (PDT)


>xgremlin2 (which has a white background by default) causes a small
>problem -- it labels itself as X11 Gremlin 1.0 (88.11.5).  In the
>following I assume you mean this program since xgremlin1 doesn't
>exhibit the behaviour you describe.  [Before the crash the
>source code was in the file xgremlin2-20001003.tar.bz2; I will upload
>it again as soon as I'm back in Germany.]

I'm talking about xgremlin2 (the one with the white background).
This program is much more versatil than xgremlin1, for example it
can operate interactively in vector drawings or text editing on
the text subwindow, etc.

>> Please call the program and tell me what happens when you press the
>> left mouse button on any of the the icons in the menu area, for
>> example the one with vectors.  After you hit it, does it becomes
>> surrounded by a square?
>Yes, this works.  As mentioned a long time there is only a tiny bug
>which an experienced X11 programmer should easily be able to fix: Any
>text written in the text area at the top appears as black rectangles
>instead of text.

Great, with that question about the mouse button I wanted to make
sure that the cursor problem that I see here is just my own hardware.
I fixed the text subwindow and also cleaned up all the calls to
malloc to make them consistent (size_t instead of int). So it's
working now. Furthermore, I also upgraded plot2dev to have a scaling
factor to facilitate the editing with gremlin. Plot2dev is a program
that would translate "plot" files to either xfig or gremlin formats
for inclusion in groff text. So people using things like spice3 or
gnuplot can easily incorporate these plots.  Plot2dev operates with
the standard Unix plot format, so I created another filter (gplot2plot)
that translates gplot format (e.g. gnuplot) to unix plot. Let me
know when you want me to send all this junk for uploading.



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