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Re: xgps and cgps are flickering

From: Hans Mayer
Subject: Re: xgps and cgps are flickering
Date: Sat, 30 Jul 2022 21:07:26 +0200
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Yo Gary,

many thanks for your support.

The doc is definitly your friend:

Definitely I will dig deeper into the documentation.

There is maybe a minor typo but probably I don't understand. In the section "Survey-In and RTCM Prerequisites" one can read at the end:

If your receiver responds to neither request, then you can use Survey-in.

Shouldn't it be

.... then you can't use Survey-in.

Or how is it to understand ?

Uness you are doing PPP, you do not want RAWX:

Yes, maybe I want. But not now, later in the year.There are other things to learn.

ubxtool is speaking gpsd.
Not really.  ubxtool works on the raw packet level.

Ok, my question was not well done. Sorry for my English. The question is if "ubxtool" is communicating with the program "gpsd" or if it's directly communicating with the module. But last possibility I can't imagine because the only way is in my case /dev/serial0 and this is occupied by gpsd.

Actually this question is not necessary. Reading the man page I see: It can read and write directly through a serial device, or through a running gpsd instance

In this case synopsis of the man page is not complete.

also this bracket is wrong: ubxtool [OPTIONS} [server[:port[:device]]]

instead of } should be ]

There are also: gpscsv, gpsplot, gpsprof, gpssnmp, etc...

I took a look into gpscsv. Looks promising for my ideas.

Kind regards


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