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Re: xgps and cgps are flickering

From: Hans Mayer
Subject: Re: xgps and cgps are flickering
Date: Fri, 29 Jul 2022 23:28:37 +0200
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Yo Gary,

On 29.07.22 22:29, Gary E. Miller wrote:
Yo Hans!

Private email is for paying clients only.  Foloow ups to the list please.

oops, this was not my intention. Big sorry.

Yo Gary,

Good morning. Many thanks for your valuable reply.

Best to just turn off the NMEA and go u-blox only.

.....  Or switch to
u-blox binary.

It's the question how to do. Probably "ubxtool" is my friend.

To disable NMEA  the following could work:  ubxtool --disable NMEA

and enabling u-blox only:  ubxtool --enable BINARY

or is it more "RAWX" ??

ubxtool is speaking gpsd. So gpsd knows for the future what to do.

And probably after that, so ZEF-F9P runs in the same mode after a possible power outage:  ubxtool --preset SAVE

When done I assume this will not work any more: gpspipe --nmea -u 

Because with this I feed the data from the pipe to  eleasticsearch stack to get some infos as graph.

But probably there are some other possibilities to get out this information, isn't it ?

Kind regards from Vienna


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