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Re: Ublox and GPSD 3.22

From: Jeff Curtis
Subject: Re: Ublox and GPSD 3.22
Date: Sat, 2 Jul 2022 09:36:44 -0400

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Running Raspberry PI Raspbian bullseye and Ublox compatible USB GPS receiver.


Install GPSD via apt-get which installs gpsd 3.22


Starting gpsd with the following command:


gpsd -G -n -F /var/run/gpsd.sock /dev/serial0 /dev/pps0


Run cgps


cgps shows 3D Fix for status but latitude, longitude, and altitude are all zero


Run xgps


xgps shows 3d fix and updating correct ecef values, but latitude, longitude and altitude are all zeros.


Capture raw log with command gpspipe -R -x 20 > log.raw (Attached)


Decode with gpsdecode < 'log (1).raw’ Lat and long values are present


telnet to port 2947 and issue command ?WATCH={"enable":true,"json":true}; and log results (Attached)


Lat long and Altitude values are all zeros



On Jun 30, 2022, at 11:01 PM, Gary E. Miller <> wrote:

Yo Jeff!

On Thu, 30 Jun 2022 21:07:52 -0400
Jeff Curtis <> wrote:

Forgive me— Here is a raw log with and associated screenshots of xgps
and caps showing the lat /lon as zeros-  My story hasn’t changed, to
get around the issue I have to use the -p switch so gpsd doesn’t
configure the device to ublox mode. This only happened after I
upgraded the os and GPSD.

Once again, when I take your raw log, I see good lat/lon/alt

$ gpsdecode < 'log (1).raw'

See attached for the full output of gpsdecode.

Looks to me like a broken binary.

Since ther is no matching info on gpsd version, gpsd startup parameters,
where the gpsd binary is from, no way for me to comment further.

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