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Re: Ublox and GPSD 3.22

From: Jeff Curtis
Subject: Re: Ublox and GPSD 3.22
Date: Sat, 2 Jul 2022 15:02:02 -0400

Hi Gary,

Sorry I misunderstood what you needed.  

The decode should be against the file I attached not the (1). That was my 
mistake, it was collected with gpspipe as you requested earlier.  I was simply 
trying to show that even though that part is correct the JSON was not. 

Anyway I just built 3.24 from source and the issue is fixed.

So the issue was either in 3.22 or how it was packaged by the Raspian team. I 
submitted a bug report with them and asked them to include the latest in the 

Thanks and have a great weekend.


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> On Jul 2, 2022, at 2:46 PM, Gary E. Miller <> wrote:
> Yo Jeff!
>> On Sat, 2 Jul 2022 09:36:44 -0400
>> Jeff Curtis <> wrote:
>> Running Raspberry PI Raspbian bullseye and Ublox compatible USB GPS
>> receiver. 
> The model matters a lot.  I think you previsouly said a serial 7 series
> of some sort.  Which model 7?  If you had sent the full headers from the
> JSON that I keep asking for, then I would already know that answer.
>> Install GPSD via apt-get which installs gpsd 3.22
> Sorry, we can't support old binaries that did not some from us.  You
> need to file a bug with Ubuntu.
>> Starting gpsd with the following command:
>> gpsd -G -n -F /var/run/gpsd.sock /dev/serial0 /dev/pps0
> Why do you need the -F and to specify /dev/serial0?  You running two
> GPS on one gpsd?
>> cgps shows 3D Fix for status but latitude, longitude, and altitude
>> are all zero 
> You did not need to go that far.  gpsd emits JSON, and cgps/xgps read
> that JSON.  You previsouly showed the JSON was all zeros.
> Always atop at the first failure.  Garbage in to cgs, so garbage
> out is expected.
>> Decode with gpsdecode < 'log (1).raw’ Lat and long values are present
> That contradicts the previous JSON fail you post here.  And 'log (1).log"
> is outside the above prevenance.
>> telnet to port 2947 and issue command
>> ?WATCH={"enable":true,"json":true}; and log results (Attached) 
>> Lat long and Altitude values are all zeros
> Once again, you just duplciated gpspupe.  I already told you to
> do this, and send it: gpspipe -w -n 20 > log.json'
> And if 'log (1).raw' was collected the same way as decribed about, its
> output should be the same as you saw from telnet.  So something is
> mismatched.
> And you neglected one again to provide the full headers from the start
> of the connection.
> And as above, we can't debug an old binary not from us.  You need to
> repeat on at least 3.24, and better yet, on the current git head code.
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