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Re: Ublox and GPSD 3.22

From: Gary E. Miller
Subject: Re: Ublox and GPSD 3.22
Date: Sat, 2 Jul 2022 11:46:02 -0700

Yo Jeff!

On Sat, 2 Jul 2022 09:36:44 -0400
Jeff Curtis <> wrote:

> Running Raspberry PI Raspbian bullseye and Ublox compatible USB GPS
> receiver. 

The model matters a lot.  I think you previsouly said a serial 7 series
of some sort.  Which model 7?  If you had sent the full headers from the
JSON that I keep asking for, then I would already know that answer.

> Install GPSD via apt-get which installs gpsd 3.22

Sorry, we can't support old binaries that did not some from us.  You
need to file a bug with Ubuntu.

> Starting gpsd with the following command:
> gpsd -G -n -F /var/run/gpsd.sock /dev/serial0 /dev/pps0

Why do you need the -F and to specify /dev/serial0?  You running two
GPS on one gpsd?

> cgps shows 3D Fix for status but latitude, longitude, and altitude
> are all zero 

You did not need to go that far.  gpsd emits JSON, and cgps/xgps read
that JSON.  You previsouly showed the JSON was all zeros.

Always atop at the first failure.  Garbage in to cgs, so garbage
out is expected.

> Decode with gpsdecode < 'log (1).raw’ Lat and long values are present

That contradicts the previous JSON fail you post here.  And 'log (1).log"
is outside the above prevenance.

> telnet to port 2947 and issue command
> ?WATCH={"enable":true,"json":true}; and log results (Attached) 
> Lat long and Altitude values are all zeros

Once again, you just duplciated gpspupe.  I already told you to
do this, and send it: gpspipe -w -n 20 > log.json'

And if 'log (1).raw' was collected the same way as decribed about, its
output should be the same as you saw from telnet.  So something is

And you neglected one again to provide the full headers from the start
of the connection.

And as above, we can't debug an old binary not from us.  You need to
repeat on at least 3.24, and better yet, on the current git head code.

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