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Re: No PPS from gpsd

From: Gary E. Miller
Subject: Re: No PPS from gpsd
Date: Thu, 29 Jul 2021 14:26:32 -0700

Yo Jim!

You might have noticed another bug on gpsd-users today.  Also 3.17,
updating to 3.20 fixed his bug.

On Thu, 29 Jul 2021 20:49:37 +0000 (UTC)
Jim Pennino <> wrote:

>     On Thursday, July 29, 2021, 1:40:38 PM PDT, Gary E. Miller
> <> wrote: 
>  Yo Jim!
> On Thu, 29 Jul 2021 20:16:49 +0000 (UTC)
> Jim Pennino <> wrote:
> > > Did you use "-D 4" with gpsd?  That is the best way to debug PPS.
> > > As gpsd only logs to syslog, I did not do that as setting syslog
> > > to debug will fill with messages from everything on the system.
> > > IMHO gpsd should have an option to set the logging facility to
> > > something quieter such as usr1.    
> > 
> > Where it logs to is configurable by your logging system.  I only
> > need a minutes worth.
> > 
> > No, where a program logs to is determined by which facility is
> > compiled in absent a switch to change it at run time. gpsd is
> > obviously compiled to log to LOG_SYSLOG.  
> Yes, but what your syslogger does with it is up to you.  I don't know
> what syslogger you use, so can not provide configuration hint.
> It does the same thing as every other syslogger in the world, i.e.
> writes to files determined by log facility and log level.

All I can says i: Works For Me.

> You want syslog output, you'll get syslog output.


> > Is your receiver broken?  Otherwise, bad idea.
> > What the man page really says is:
> > Broken-device-safety mode, otherwise known as read-only mode. A few
> > bluetooth and USB receivers lock up or become totally inaccessible
> > when probed or reconfigured; see the hardware compatibility list on
> > the GPSD project website for details. This switch prevents gpsd from
> > writing to a receiver. It does NOT say that This switch prevents
> > gpsd from writing to only USB or bluetooth receivers.   
> Tweedle-dee, tweedle-dum.  I write it, I know what I meant.  Do'not
> use it unless your receiver is broken.  Using it costs you substantial
> functionality.
> I'm glad you know what you mean.
> If what you say about is important, then why isn't it in the man page?

I thought "broken device mode" would be pretty clear.  Do you think your device
is broken?  Feel free to submit proposed text changes.

> > The only viable option I
> > have right now is to dump gpsd and just use the type 20 driver.  
> Which costs you a lot of functionality, but does work if all you want
> is good time.  Somehow others do not have your problem on Ubuntu woth
> gpsd and ntpd.
> Yes, as I know where the building is and how fast it is going, I need
> nothing but time from gpsd.

Well, if you use type 20, you don't even need gpsd.

> gpsd 3.20 will fail on 23 October 2021.
> The I guess the Ubuntu maintainer need to get busy.

Maybe if you file a Debian bug that will wake him up?

> > + command -v aa-status
> > /usr/sbin/aa-status
> > + aa-status
> > apparmor module is loaded.  
> You said apparmor was off.  Ubuntu apparmor is source of many known
> problems. I said I turned off apparmor for debugging and it made no
> difference.

It certainly is broken in 3.17, just not this bug.

> > 5 profiles are in complain mode.
> >    /usr/sbin/gpsd  
> Complain only mode.  Has it complained?  That might shed light on some
> other bugs we have been hearing about.
> No, it has not complained. I put it into complain mode in an attempt
> to debug.

Good that it did not complain.  So not this bug.

> Which leads back to needing the first minute of start up logs.  "-D 4"
> is a good start.

Still waiting.

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