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Re: Illegal instruction....

From: David J Taylor
Subject: Re: Illegal instruction....
Date: Wed, 27 May 2020 19:51:05 +0100

From: Charles Curley

On Wed, 27 May 2020 16:25:11 +0100
"David J Taylor" <> wrote:

Bryan, it seems that apt remove and purge didn't achieve this, and
the "install" part of building from the git didn't replace them.  An
rm *gps* helped....

It might help to understand that gpsd packages install to one place,
cmake install from the source installs to another. So gpsd from
packages installs to /usr/sbin/gpsd. Libraries may similarly go to
different places.

Also, there is no reason to expect one installation method to "know"
about other installation methods. So do not expect "apt purge" to
"know" about where "cmake install" put things. Instead, for any given
installation method, use that method's removal process.

Would you please get your mail client to quote emails properly. I find
it confusing and annoying to open up one of your emails and read
something someone else wrote earlier, with no indication that it is a
quote until I have scrolled down several pages.


I appreciate that there's no single standard place for the .so library, but I found that the scons install did not appear to copy the .so file anywhere. I also noted that the supplied clients ubxtool and cgps were compiled and linked without any reference to (according to ldd). I found that the apt remove/purge didn't delete at least some of the *gps* files already on the system.

Sorry about the e-mail. I bottom post, but the software does not have the ability to insert chevrons, and I have been unable to find an add-on to do this. You'll find my answers at the bottom, and not interspersed. I hope you can live with that.

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