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Re: Using cgps to determine the satellite constellation

From: David J Taylor
Subject: Re: Using cgps to determine the satellite constellation
Date: Tue, 19 May 2020 09:04:51 +0100

Yo David!

On Mon, 18 May 2020 19:18:39 +0100
"David J Taylor" <address@hidden> wrote:

By asking about the constellation showing in cgps, I meant /which/
constellation - GPS, Galileo etc.

yes, that is exactly what I meant to, and what recent versions of cgps
do.  What version are you on?

I can change the receiver using the u-center 20.01 Windows tool, but
it's not responding as expected.

I don't use WinBlows, so I can't use u-center.  So I can make no
comment on their usage.

The RX (u-blox MAX-M8Q-0-10) should
have Galileo when configured, but while it will accept turning
GLONASS on or off, it balks at enabling Galileo.

Depending on your u-blox model, that is documented behavior.

Did you do the ubxtool as I requested?

Currently a mystery.

Did you read the PPP Howto?  This exact thing is explained.




Thanks for your reply.

I'm using 3.17, so that feature isn't included. Thanks for the screen-shot, that helped to explain. Can I use a recent cgps with the 3.17 gpsd, or have the interfaces changed?

It wasn't the usage of u-center I was questioning, simply proof that this particular u-blox model does have the capability of changing constellations - at least to a degree.

Yes, the MAX-M8Q-0-10 capabilities do include Galileo (in specific mixes):

The module is from a reputable supplier whom I trust, and supposedly this supplier gets directly from u-blox. I appreciate there may be issues there. I also see that three GNSS is the maximum for that unit.

ubstool isn't included in the apt-get sources for the Buster release for the Raspberry Pi.

Unfortunately I have gpsd 3.17, so the ppp "will fail in strange ways" according to the doc.

I'm working to provide a module ready to install on an existing Raspberry Pi, having configured the GPS module in Windows. It's good to know that once configured gpsd will use all the available data, so I don't need further checks on the RPi itself, nor will I be adding or upgrading it from the default configuration.

Thanks, again, for your help.

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