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Re: [gpsd-users] Garmin 18X LVC and upcoming week rollover

From: Rich Wales
Subject: Re: [gpsd-users] Garmin 18X LVC and upcoming week rollover
Date: Wed, 4 Dec 2019 10:27:34 -0800
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The part about installing libncurses5-dev failed to register in my brain
when I read the INSTALL.adoc file.  My bad.

I put my GPS into raw binary mode, then did "gpspipe -R -n 10" (I assume
"gpspipe -R -x 10" was a typo, this command failed with "-x" being an
invalid option).  Here are the first three lines of text from the output
before a bunch of unprintable binary stuff:


Still no indication of the firmware version as best I can tell.  If
there might be more clues in the binary stuff, let me know and I'll send
you a copy of the log with the binary stuff included.

I said earlier that, when I ran "gpspipe -r" with the GPS in NMEA mode,
I could see $GPRMC, $GPGGA, $GPGSA, $GPGSV, and $PGRME sentences.  I did
"gpspipe -r" again now, with the GPS in binary mode, and I'm seeing
$GPZDA, $GPGGA, $GPRMC, and $GPGSA sentences now.

If it's not possible to figure out anything more about this GPS or to
make gpsd compensate for its WNRO problem, I'm not going to throw it
away -- I'll just keep on using it as is and fudge its value in ntpsec,
which (as I said earlier) makes it work fine for my purposes.

Rich Wales

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