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[gpsd-users] Looking for the ubx commands that gpsd send to ublox zed-f9

From: Svenn Are Bjerkem
Subject: [gpsd-users] Looking for the ubx commands that gpsd send to ublox zed-f9p on startup
Date: Sat, 13 Apr 2019 12:28:42 +0200

following master git branch from savannah I try to get gpsd to talk and listen to a zed-f9p on the simplertk2b. I use the usb connection which shows up as a ttyACMx. The platform is a Lenovo T410 with Debian where I wiped the systemd-gpsd. I build with scons and start gpsd without installing.
./gpsd -n -N -D3 /dev/ttyACM
Then start ./gpsmon to see what comes out of the gps
I notice that gpsd has put the f9p into binary mode.
In binary mode, gpsmon does not show any SV data, just a few rolling ubx.
I then switch to NMEA mode with ./gpsctl -n
gpsmon starts showing SV information, *DOP and such.
Switch back to binary mode with ./gpsctl -b
Same as before, with very few ubx sentences rolling and no SV info.
Where can I study the configuration being sent from gpsd to f9p on startup and on gpsctl -b? I would like to see if I need to configure some other UBX- sentences with u-centre before attaching the f9p to linux.


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