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Re: [gpsd-users] GPS on Qualcomm MSM7xxx and MSM6xxx devices

From: Stanislas Bertrand
Subject: Re: [gpsd-users] GPS on Qualcomm MSM7xxx and MSM6xxx devices
Date: Thu, 2 Jul 2015 09:14:49 -0700

Hi Eric,

You are right, i'm looking for some notification that would indicate that the device has stopped emitting data.
Is there a way to configure the timeout time or to get the time elapsed since the last gps data ?

I have setup a GPSd and taken a look at the JSON output but I don't see anything about my device going silent.

Furthermore, is there a easy shell GPSd JSON interface to  communicate easily.
I have used gpspipe -w to get the JSON output and connected to GPSd via telnet. Is there other means ?
Can you send request to GPSd with gpspipe ?


2015-07-01 0:41 GMT-07:00 Eric S. Raymond <address@hidden>:
Stanislas Bertrand <address@hidden>:
> My questions regarding this development are the following :
> - Does GPSd have any kind of heart beat monitor ( informs that the GPS
> serial port has been quiet for too long, or the time since the last output
> from the GPS ) ?
> - Should this management be done in GPSd ?
> - Should it rather be done by an external daemon which will invoke scripts
> to control the GPS ?

There is something a bit like this in the code.  The middle layer of the daemon
has to notice when a device has not sent data in too long and should be dropped
put of the pool, lest a deads or disconnected GPS hold open a pool slot and
a file descriptor indefinitely.

I'm guessing that what you want is something like a JSON notification when
a device is dropped?
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