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[gpsd-users] GPS on Qualcomm MSM7xxx and MSM6xxx devices

From: Stanislas Bertrand
Subject: [gpsd-users] GPS on Qualcomm MSM7xxx and MSM6xxx devices
Date: Tue, 30 Jun 2015 17:44:00 -0700

Hi GPSd community,

For over a year now, I have been working on a geo-localisation system based on embedded devices using Option GTM network cards.

The geo-localisation system, running openwrt, has been tested on RB411U or GlobeSurfer3/3+ hardware with GTM382 and GTM661W network cards.

The GTM cards provide GSM/3G connectivity and have GPS/A-GPS support. The chipset are Qualcomm MSM7225, MDM6200, MDM6600. I am unsure of what GPS chipset is used.

During my latest testing, I was faced with my GPS serial port stalled despite the GSM still working. I would like to address this issue by managing the GPS with a daemon to act as a GPS heart beat monitor.

I am wondering how I can accomplish that with GPSd .
My questions regarding this development are the following :
- Does GPSd have any kind of heart beat monitor ( informs that the GPS serial port has been quiet for too long, or the time since the last output from the GPS ) ?
- Should this management be done in GPSd ?
- Should it rather be done by an external daemon which will invoke scripts to control the GPS ?

Maybe some of you have work with similar devices.

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