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Re: [Gnushogi-devel] [PATCH] my patch

From: Yann Dirson
Subject: Re: [Gnushogi-devel] [PATCH] my patch
Date: Thu, 17 Jul 2014 19:24:46 +0200
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On Thu, Jul 17, 2014 at 12:08:48PM +0800, Chen Chen wrote:
> > * OTOH, I'm not sure it is reasonable to have the build fail when
> >   makeinfo is missing, I'd think a warning ought to be enough,
> >   especially as the .info file is included in the dist tarball, and is
> >   more recent than the .texi, and as such its rebuild should not be
> >   triggered by default.
> I made a mistake here. The compilation will fail when directly using git
> repo, but it worked as intended in "make dist" tarball (the command will
> regenerate a proper .texi). Since the failure message already pointed
> out "missing texinfo" in make procedure, the makeinfo check in
> is not really necessary.

OK, I'll leave it out.  I'm still not too happy with the current
situation, but it's obviously not specific to gnushogi, so I won't
spend too much energy on this :)

> > > Another problem is, the package cannot properly "make distcheck".
> > > It seems the two ".inc" files are generated by "pat2inc" during
> > > build time but didn't get proper deletion in "make clean" stage.
> > Good catch, I apparently missed some extra declaration.  Also noted in
> > README.maint not to forget "make distcheck".
> The automake manual has an FAQ article on this error:
> I know I can mark them for clean by directly modify the, but
> don't know how to express the rule in

Thanks for the pointer.  The current situation is that they should not
be rebuilt, rather than having them cleaned.

I had worked around the problem by not including pat2inc in the
binaries to be built when cross-compiling, but that does not addressed
the "spurious rebuild" part of the issue when not cross-compiling.

Pushed a fix to master.

> > > In addition, I don't know what these two files are doing. In a rough
> > > skim reading, I didn't find any source files utilizing them.
> > "git grep -F .inc" shows they are included by pattern.c.
> But apparently the "cross-compile" section doesn't even need pat2inc. So
> I'm a bit confused.

When cross-compiling, we cannot expect to be able to run pat2inc to
generate the .inc files, but still need those, that's why we ship
them in the dist tarball, and have generate them early.

> Thanks for your great work on this game! I'm a big fan (and a poor
> player, shamefully) of Shogi.

Well, I'm a poor player myself, and unfortunatly so is gnushogi those
days - that's however somewhat unrelated, as I have not yet started to
dive into this, and focussed my work on the "shell" around the AI till
now: help is more than welcomed, and if you find an itch of your own,
or that something listed in TODO seems worthy to you, I'll be glad to
take more patches :)

Bet regards,

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