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GNUe Designer and wxPython (was Re: [GNUe] New prerelease on Mandrake10)

From: Jason Cater
Subject: GNUe Designer and wxPython (was Re: [GNUe] New prerelease on Mandrake10)
Date: Sun, 13 Jun 2004 19:54:33 -0500
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For everyone's benefit, GNUe Designer currently requires wxPython 2.4. It will 
not work with either 2.2 or 2.5. We will, of course, fix any 
incompatabilities with 2.5 as soon as we can, but I honestly don't know when 
that will be. 

To complicate matters, for some strange reason, the default downloads on the website are for their 2.5.x release. You have to manually go to 
the sourceforge download page to find the 2.4 releases. 

(FWIW, wxPython/wxWidgets uses an even/odd numbering scheme to denote stable 
vs development branches, so 2.4 is stable and 2.5 is development. This is why 
I find it strange that the default download is 2.5.)

-- Jason 

On Sunday 13 June 2004 03:04 am, Reinhard Mueller wrote:
> Am Son, den 13.06.2004 schrieb Peter Dabrowski um 4:12:
> > Reinhard what version of wxPythonGTK you installed on yours system.
> And it seems it's the GTK2 version.
> > BTW I'm running community release of 10, going to upgrade to official
> I think I also have community version.
> Thanks,

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