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[GNUe] some really dumb questions on designer

From: Craig White
Subject: [GNUe] some really dumb questions on designer
Date: Mon, 14 Jun 2004 10:25:53 -0700

- if I select an object in layout editor (or via property inspector), I
cannot delete it (Modify -> delete item). I suspect this is not yet
implemented? Do I just edit the xml after closing to remove an item at
this point?

- Going thru the example in Forms, I create a state field, which is 2
characters in width and when I use the form, both characters don't fit
inside the space. This is probably an aspect of my setup. Is there a way
to control which fonts/sizes are displayed/used?

- There have been times when the 'block' area in the layout editor
shrinks and I can't seem to resize it. Am I missing something?


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