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Re: [GNUe] curious....

From: Sacha Schlegel
Subject: Re: [GNUe] curious....
Date: Wed, 09 Jun 2004 14:35:05 +0200

Hi Stefan

> (I'm just about to dig into your "Appserver howto" :)

It is a bit outdated. It does not inlcude anything of the new (2 or 3
days old) gcd (gnue class description) files. 

These new gcd files are used to design your modules, business classes,
class properties, class calculated properties, class procedures,
procedure parameters and class triggers. 

The gcd file is an XML file. Have a look at

And you can do it easier in your favourite text editor.

> Project Managment is good, another thing is Inventory-system, and perhaps one 
> for "quality control". I notice there are a lot of customers wanting this 
> things (especially the last one). In the past I built some with VB and 
> ridiciolus Excel macros.. *geee can't believe I actually DID that*
> GNUe has the potential, I only hope I can dig into it - finally, there's 
> always the lack of time, and the documentation isn't really 100% yet. At 
> least there's 5 weeks of vacation by the horizon.. ;)
> My goal, if i can learn enough of the system, is building a lot of this 
> stuff. I get nice ideas from our customers in real life, and I bet I could do 
> a lot of solutions quite fast.. if I only learn the tools.

The best way to learn it is by doing some examples, talking from my

I think at one point in time the gnue team has to sit down and think of
a strategy (long term) how to proceed with the gnue packages.

It should be a goal to collaborate on gnue packages, rather than
individual development on several smaller (maybe non official gnue)

Thats probably where complexity comes in. To design packages, that can
be used in different scenarios, fullfills the needs of different users.
It will most likely be very user driven, so if you bring in use cases of
your customers they will most likely be in the package...

Please comment what you think.

> Regards
> Stefan
> P.S: IRC.. maybe I should try that out.. nice in the lonesome late nights 
> when I run into problems.. ;)

Its the #gnuenterprise channel on the irc server.

xbitch, xchat, irssi, chatzilla are some nix clients. mirc is a ms


> ----- Original Message -----
> From: Sacha Schlegel <address@hidden>
> > Hi Stefan
> > 
> > One thing which came up in IRC is to build a bug tracking system (or if
> > you have even a higher goals a project management system) with
> > gnue-appserver.
> > 
> > Actually what I am thinking of is to have other projects, like those
> > doing adressbook applications, etc look at the gnue framework and port
> > their software over to gnue.
> > 
> > Sacha
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