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Re: [GNUe] curious....

From: Sacha Schlegel
Subject: Re: [GNUe] curious....
Date: Wed, 09 Jun 2004 14:01:26 +0200

Hi Stefan

One thing which came up in IRC is to build a bug tracking system (or if
you have even a higher goals a project management system) with

Actually what I am thinking of is to have other projects, like those
doing adressbook applications, etc look at the gnue framework and port
their software over to gnue.


On Wed, 2004-06-09 at 13:15, Stefan Elwesthal wrote:
> Well.. I think it would be interesting to know if anyone has built any 
> "everyday-use" applications using GNUe, and what kind of applications that 
> would be?
> I've learned so much that it would certainly be very easy to build some 
> simple frontend - applications like adressbooks etc etc, even though i 
> haven't built them myself yet.
> (I'll go straight for the "killerapp" that will make me rich and famous and 
> put Oracle, SAP and the other ERP guys to their knees..)
> Best regards
> Stefan 
Sacha                                   Schlegel
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