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Re: Feature questions

From: Derek Neighbors
Subject: Re: Feature questions
Date: Thu, 3 Apr 2003 13:43:15 -0700 (MST)

> 1. I have seen that the project is very focused on XML as a data
> "carrier" so  that developers will have more ease with doing data driven
> programming - is  that true?

Yes I believe that to be true in the respect that you can access data by
defining XML constructs to get at data, rather than writing a bunch of
code to manipulate data.

> 2. Which sources can Integrator read?
Currently none as Integrator has been officially started.  That said you
could use our reports engine to do some interesting things.

> 2.1 Where does it store the data it reads?
> 2.2 Does it transform it to XML?
The answer will be yes it will store into XML.  Whether you write it as
XML or it only deals with XML in memory likely will depend on your
transformations needs.

> 2.3 Can it read flat files like excel documents and access databases?
That is one of the requirements.

> 3. How can Reports generate "whatever format is required by the client"?
Much like our UI layout engines there are report filters.  That is an
output to XML is created and based on the type of output you want a
transformation occurs.

> 3.1 Does statistical and mathematical tools exist for the reporting?

> 4. Forecasting - have anything been done in this area?
No.  I plan on putting budget/planning stuff in place in GNUe SB, seeing
how its what I do for a living. :)

> 4.1 time series expansion?

> 4.2 neural networks?

> What Im searching for is something like SAS ( - would GNUe
> go in  this direction and offer OLAP, MDDB, statistical analysis and
> linear  programming of historical data etc. ?
> Does anyone know of an open source MDDB (multi dimensional database -
> that you  dont have to do queries all the time you want to drill down
> your data  correlated with other tables)?

Many OLAP engines are written in the A Programing Language (APL) created
at Morgan Stanley.  Because of its history it does this sort of thing
really well.  There is a GPL version of this coming out of Morgan Stanley
itself.  Called A+.  I have spoken with them a few times about maybe
working with GNUe to make a "Data Warehouse" extension to GNUe, but there
is minimal interest.  We have no programs willing to learn A+. ;) is the URL.

Hope this helps.


> Best regards,
> Bernino Lind
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