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Re: Compiere now #1 on sourceforge

From: Derek Neighbors
Subject: Re: Compiere now #1 on sourceforge
Date: Tue, 28 May 2002 16:16:36 -0500 (CDT)

> Compiere ERP + CRM Business Solution is a large J2EE
> Java product requiring Oracle database).  I test drove it.
> This is a serious, deep, extensive functionality, reflecting
> quite an extensive information model.  I am frankly, not
> competent to review it from a big-picture perspective and
> I'm worried whether the object hierarchies and conceptual
> models in Compiere are good or bad.

Depends on how flexible it is.

> After the Compiere code is ported to PostGreSQL database,
> isn't this something smaller businesses should consider
> installing a subset from?

The problem is in the license, I dont see how sane developers could 
contribute to a project with this type of license w/o being fearful of 
having the rug pulled out from under them.  I think the recent attempts to 
wineX as a Debian package and the issues that arose out of it, help back 
this point.


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