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Re: Compiere now #1 on sourceforge

From: Derek Neighbors
Subject: Re: Compiere now #1 on sourceforge
Date: Wed, 29 May 2002 11:27:41 -0500 (CDT)

> They consider themselves J2EE-compliant, but the official Sun test is 
> cost-prohibitive.  JBoss is licensed under the LGPL.
> I know it's silly to ask, "Why aren't you using JBOSS/Java/whatever" at this 
> late stage and knowing your ideals.  But I did want to clarify JBoss' status.

A few things.  Mainly because its Java, but more so GNUe is over 4 years 
old, 4 years ago finding a Java virtual machine that actual ran and did 
useful thing on GNU/Linux was not a trivial thing.  Recently when 
re-evaluating what we wanted in an application server, we (myself) stated 
if we werent doing something different we should use an existing 
application server.

We listed the goals of what we wanted, and to our knowledge nothing fit 
the bill.  So we moved on.  I can't stress enough that even though a 
PRODUCT might be GPL/LGPL that doesnt mean the TOOLS associated to build 
it are.  I believe JBOSS runs with blackdown or the likes now, but even 
that is on shaky ground.

I have said this 10,000 times perhaps I need to repeat it.  You can love 
us or hate us, its up to you, but if you want a JAVA platform GNUe is not 
for you.  The core team has written applications in java and thought 
frankly it, well wasnt for us.  That doesnt mean other people dont find it 

We fully support anyone WANTING to do things in JAVA with GNUe.  For 
sometime we aided Ian Stewart in making a Java forms client, its in our 
CVS still.  All parts of GNUe are interoperable.  If you wanted to use 
JBoss nothing i stoping you.  Should be as trivial as writing a driver in 
GNUe common and going to town.


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