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Re: Zope?

From: Todd Boyle
Subject: Re: Zope?
Date: Fri, 17 May 2002 12:30:15 -0700


If I could impose on you, for more advice then, how would you
advise somebody already committed to Zope to achieve some
basic accounting needs?

Let's image the typical Zope user who has an interactive
website of some kind, and already having postGreSQL running.

Are the GNUE modules something that would let them do what
perl users are already doing with SQL-Ledger accounting?   (Be
sure to run the test drive )

Or should they be better off with some other published code
such as doubletalk
(in chapter 6 and the sourcecode.)

Thanks for your advice on this.


At 11:41 AM 5/17/02, you wrote:
For starters, GNUe is not a web-based application...

Aside from this general observation, it would be possible to have a
web-based application server as the backend.....

Application Server is very much an over-used term...

I think Zope [is really a] "highly-extensible web-based publishing
environment."  Sure, it's a type of application server, but I don't see
too much overlap in goals....

GNUe [] very specific focus [is a] a business rules + data server []
envision a series of servers: "business rules/data server", "RBAC
authentication server","workflow server", etc. ...

Now, it could be feasible, I suppose, to reuse the very *core* of Zope as
our core and not use their higher-level content-specific layer. However,
from a practical standpoint, I truly think this would be more effort
than it's worth. For starters, we already have a strong core
(gnue-common) that would provide pretty much what the "core" of Zope
would provide . Also, Zope is a very complex piece of software to
develop on internally. From Zope 3.0's Wiki board:

   "You can't learn Zope in bite sized chunks; you must learn the
   entire framework at once. You can't use familiar tools and
   techniques. It's hard to reuse code. The Zope development model (ie
   Products) often seem too heavy-weight. Zope products don't offer a
   good separation between logic and content."

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