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Re: Zope?

From: Peter Sullivan
Subject: Re: Zope?
Date: Thu, 23 May 2002 18:06:12 +0100
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On Fri, May 17, 2002 at 12:30:15PM -0700, Todd Boyle wrote:
> Thanks!
> If I could impose on you, for more advice then, how would you
> advise somebody already committed to Zope to achieve some
> basic accounting needs?
> Let's image the typical Zope user who has an interactive
> website of some kind, and already having postGreSQL running.

Things you might like to look at:

a) There is a php Forms client in CVS that runs with postgres - 
but of course if you have Zope, you probably don't want php.

b) Theoretically, you could re-write the existing Forms client 
in Zope. I would not have thought that this would be too bad, 
due to their common python roots. However, I'm not sure what 
you would gain from this, except for the ability to use 
GNUe Common to talk to multiple databases. Actually, the 
ability to use GNUe Application Server via GNUe Common 
might be worth having, once GEAS is written.  

c) If you were looking for a GL schema, there would be nothing 
to stop you implementing our (currently unimplemented) proposal.
However, I'm guessing (based on your previous e-mails) that a 
GL schema is the one thing you definantly have already...

d) It's also worth looking at some of the back issues of Kernel 
Cousins GNUe to see some of the arguments against web-based 
applications, although I suspect some of them (most notably 
the statelessness of HTML) wouldn't apply to Zope.

Peter Sullivan <address@hidden>

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