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Re: MRP Standards

From: Peter Dabrowski
Subject: Re: MRP Standards
Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2002 10:10:02 +0800

I would like tu put my 3 cents into this discussion. From the point of small 
business user any standards which are not going to help in running the bisness 
are usless. Technology is changing so qickly, so by the time the standards are 
produced they become outdated. Peple expecting from Aplications to be usful, 
easy to use, platform inepended, international, have multicurency and to be 
modifaied with easy to suit a bisness model. Diffrent countries got diffrent 
laws and tax rules. Aplications which could be easily adopted to difrent 
will become standard by itself. For example I see going in this 
direction very quickly. Aplication is easy to install and use,
support multicurency and locale, Is easy to adapt to difrent tax rules and 
accounting practices with very dynamic i responsive group of developers.
Good luck with your work
Peter Dabrowski

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