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Re: can't print documents.

From: infotechsys
Subject: Re: can't print documents.
Date: Tue, 26 Feb 2002 04:50:23 -0500
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Derek A. Neighbors wrote:

I'm trying to print the documents that have a suffix
of txt. The only one I had success on is "Guidelines for Writing Templates
and Wizards". The rest of them start, but after a couple of pages have
printed my printer hangs. Also I tried to look at the file

This is most odd, they are just normal text files, nothing tricky.

DevelopersGuid-Forms.pdf with xpdf and nothing shows.
The error from xpdf is
Error: This document uses Type 3 fonts - some text may not be correctly displayed

Where are you getting this 'developersguid-forms.pdf'?


Derek, I forgot to cc the group that's why your getting a second copy.

Here is the location on my system.

address@hidden doc]# pwd
address@hidden doc]# ls
DevelopersGuide-Forms.pdf DevelopersGuide-Forms.txt TemplatesAndWizards.txt

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