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From: Micheal J
Subject: FW: UML
Date: Fri, 20 Oct 2000 18:18:01 +0100

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| Sent: 20 October 2000 06:43
| To: Georg Lehner
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| Subject: Re: UML
| Georg Lehner wrote:
| >         UML for the Impatient, by Martin Gogolla at Bremen University
| >
| > it is a 23 page ps archive (available in pdf also) where all kind's of
| > UML diagrams are used to design a program for a poor traffic light.
| Hi Georg,
| Thanks for your help. I've been to
but couldn't find the document you are referring to (basically did a search
for UML and Gogolla). If you could e-mail me the URL for the PDF file, I'd
appreciate it (you could also send the whole file if you prefer, but just
the address should be just fine).

Yesterday I was on a hunting expedition for some more serious "paper-based"
UML reading, at the local university (McGill, in Mtl), and got my hand on
"Objects, components and frameworks with UML: the Catalysis approach". An
800 pages brick, but it should put me up to date on the subject. And more.
Still, I'd love to have a look at that PDF also.

Cheers -Vio

<Micheal J>
Hi Vio,

The "Objects, Components and Frameworks with UML" book isn't a tutorial by
any means. It is an in-depth treatment of a custom process/methodology that
uses UML as a language for communicating designs. It also does extend UML in
many places. This is either good or bad depending on where you stand on UML,
standards purity and pragmatism in general.

If you want a primer on UML, I can recommend a book called "UML Distilled"
by Martin Fowler/Kendall Scott I think. It has been around for a while now
and is still one of the best introductory books on UML. And it is *very*

Another book that I have found useful is "Use Case driven Object Modelling
with UML" by Doug Rosenberg/Kendall Scott. In a nutshell this is great!!.
Like "UML Distilled", this book is also *very* concise (both books have
Kendall Scott as an author) but it isn't a UML primer. Rather it is a primer
on a quick, easily understood and effective method/process for software
development using UML.


</Micheal J>

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