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From: vio
Subject: Re: UML
Date: Sat, 21 Oct 2000 03:10:04 -0400

Thank you to all for your generous help in my quest for "UML wisdom".

For all interested in the "UML for the impatient" document which wanted me to 
forward them a copy, you can get it in various formats from

As for my quest for books on the subject, I went hunting this evening  for the 
"UML Distilled" (classic ?), but ended up buying "UML with RationalRose". Let's 
say that the sizes of the two books literally "weighed" on my decision (UML w. 
RR is 1k pages - but, most importantly, has a very practical side which the 
first lacked). For those interested, If you can't get a copy of Rational Rose, 
you can always try your UML skills with ArgoUML (get it at -in Java. There are also Rational Rose demos for 
both Win and Unix available at (full versions with 20 
days time limit).

Cheers  -Vio

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