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From: vio
Subject: Re: UML
Date: Fri, 20 Oct 2000 01:42:57 -0400

Georg Lehner wrote:

>         UML for the Impatient, by Martin Gogolla at Bremen University
> it is a 23 page ps archive (available in pdf also) where all kind's of
> UML diagrams are used to design a program for a poor traffic light.

Hi Georg,

Thanks for your help. I've been to
but couldn't find the document you are referring to (basically did a search for 
UML and Gogolla). If you could e-mail me the URL for the PDF file, I'd 
appreciate it (you could also send the whole file if you prefer, but just the 
address should be just fine).

Yesterday I was on a hunting expedition for some more serious "paper-based" UML 
reading, at the local university (McGill, in Mtl), and got my hand on "Objects, 
components and frameworks with UML: the Catalysis approach". An 800 pages 
brick, but it should put me up to date on the subject. And more. Still, I'd 
love to have a look at that PDF also.

Cheers -Vio

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