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Re: [Gnue-dev] Unicode + wxPython

From: Derek Neighbors
Subject: Re: [Gnue-dev] Unicode + wxPython
Date: 26 Aug 2002 20:55:32 -0700

> It was written only for the officially released
> forms-0.3 version. We're using it with that. I noticed
> that even the branched off cvs bug fix for 0.3 was
> much modified that it broke my pygtk2 driver. I've
> modified it again (not sent yet), but still won't
> match the latest cvs and no time to track cvs.

Based on immediate need and talking with Jason over the weekend I think
you will see CVS pinched off for a release ASAP.  We will continue the
idea in more seriousiness of maintiain a stable branch.

I think the PyGTK can be applied as soon as we release unless some one
can fix and test within a day or so.

> Great if you could track cvs with the pygtk driver.

I might install the gtk2 stuff so I can test this and help track it in
CVS.  As I would like to see gtk version :)


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