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Re: [Gnue-dev] Unicode + wxPython

From: Derek Neighbors
Subject: Re: [Gnue-dev] Unicode + wxPython
Date: 26 Aug 2002 20:23:49 -0700

> forms-0.1 required many changes, but the latest
> forms-0.3 requires only 2-3 lines change in one file
> which I have send as part of my pygtk patch.

James/Jason can one of you give status on this patch? 

> However, the latest wxWindows CVS has an enable-gtk2
> configure option which will enable gtk2 which uses
> pango. Once we have the next version of wxWindows and
> wxPython, Hindi ligaturing will work. Till then, I
> must use my pygtk form.

I am greatful for the native gtk driver personally (though  I havent
gotten to test it yet as I dont have gtk2 readily available on a test
system).  I think the LONG term goal was to provide native Qt as well as
GTK drivers, wxWindows was just a quick cover lots of bases driver.

I have asked Arturas to look into the new functionality of wxWindows
with gtk2.x and start testing, so that people wanting to use wxWindows
driver will have more options, but please remember we are greatful for
the native gtk driver as well.


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