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RE: Working on "completed" jazz chord list - lengthy business

From: Jeff Henrikson
Subject: RE: Working on "completed" jazz chord list - lengthy business
Date: Sun, 1 Apr 2001 14:25:05 -0400

> there must be some rules like that for jazz chords?

This is exactly the issue.

Survey 10 random jazz musicians with this question and 9 out of 10 will say 
"Yes, here's how it works . . ."  The problem is those
explanations will have little or nothing to do with one another.  Don't 
systematize!  Don't expect a computer program to change
jazz culture.  And of course don't expect jazz culture to bend their brains 
around an artificial systemization.

(okay so maybe I'll explain twice . . . logging off this subject for a while 
hopefully, but glad to explain if somebody really
wants to hear)

Jeff Henrikson

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> Subject: Re: Working on "completed" jazz chord list - lengthy business
> Amelie Zapf <address@hidden> writes:
> > At the moment I'm working to complete the jazz chord list. Did some
> > permutations of chord tones with a perl script, took out the really crappy 
> > ones
> > and still arrived at 700+ possible combinations. There's still some crap in
> > there, so it will be less. Does it have to be implemented in a "list"
> > fashion, or can it be modular? Because a list will lengthen it quite a bit
> > (along with being an awful lot of work).
> I very much want to avoid lists longer than say 50 chords.  You should
> try to find a basic pattern, so that all names can be generated.  The
> exceptions will all be wrong, but only those should be handled by the
> list.
> The Banter style chord name algorithm is fairly simple:
>   * upcase letter of first note as chord name, eg C,D..
>   * for all other notes: add numeral step, accidental encoded as +/-,
>     eg C 3+/5+/5-
>   * leave out steps that are natural to chord, eg, C 7/9/11 -> C 11
>     (modulo the mangling of accidental of 7, which i *never* understand)
> there must be some rules like that for jazz chords?
> Maybe we just need a small modification to the Banter style chord name
> algorithm?
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