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LilyPond 1.4 released

From: Han-Wen Nienhuys
Subject: LilyPond 1.4 released
Date: Sun, 1 Apr 2001 16:12:35 +0200

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(OK, that was a really bad April 1st joke, sorry.)

Here is LilyPond 1.3.145, which has lots of bugfixes, and some of the
1.4 feature requests you all asked for.  1.4 is close, but we're still
fidgeting with the manual.


* Build fixes for icon, this fixes 'rpm' target.  Tried to reinclude
in rpm using (.png and) .xpm, but latest LinuxPPC release's rpm
(3.0.6) Icon: tag handling is broken.

* Fixes for update-lily script.

* Bugfixes: refman, changed Ascii to ASCII.

* Fixed ascii art output.  Started some doco on different output

* Fixed scheme font lookup to handle new font lists with wildcards.

* Fixes to point-and-click doco (Thanks, Laura Conrad).

* Bugfixes: changed several (eval to (ly-eval for guile 1.4/1.4.x

* Fixes to buildscripts/


* Tutorial updates

* Change interaction between clef-engraver and positioned items: do
not use acknowledge/announce () to get position relative to c0, but
use centralCPosition directly after grob creation.

Side-effect: Pitch_squash_engraver now puts notes on position in
staff, not on specific pitch.

* Bugfixes: yet more create_grobs () -> process_music() reverts.

* Tutorial updates

* Don't give unbound spanner warnings for isolated dynamics on space

* cleaned up debug stuff.

* cleaned up INSTALL document.

* Key_change_req::do_equal_b(), keychange merge.

* per octave key signatures. See

* moved tricks/ directory into test/.

* Rename {Staff,Lyrics,etc}VerticalExtent and friends into
VerticalExtent. Use predefined props to prevent inheritance.

* Multi_measure_rest_engraver now uses whichBar property to detect
barlines.  Hence, no need to keep Bar_engraver and
Multi_measure_rest_engraver together.

* Revised syntax for multiplied durations. Multiplied durations must
now directly follow the number +dots. example:

        c4*3/4 -\f (                    % valid
        c4-\f ( *3/4                    % invalid

* Halt configure if kpathsea not found.

* Small refman fixes.

* Prevent tie - dot collisions.

* Bugfix: don't crash if hyphen spanner bounds are empty.

* Spanish glossary, courtesy David Gonzalez.

* Bugfix: only lookup .tfm and check checksum if
the AFM file has a CheckSum field.


* Fix ps specials to work together with \usepackage[french]{babel}


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