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Re: Working on "completed" jazz chord list - lengthy business

From: Amelie Zapf
Subject: Re: Working on "completed" jazz chord list - lengthy business
Date: Sun, 1 Apr 2001 22:14:48 +0200

Hi folks,

that's just what I'm trying to do at the moment. Take every conceivable bulk of
notes that halfway resembles a chord and write a script where you can enter the
chord symbol to be typed for that bulk of notes. Once. When it's done, you can
transpose the whole thing and all - 'cause that's what I need in my arranging.
I'm sick of transposing all the symbols for every single instrument, just
because it's notated in Bb or Eb. That's why I never got far on the tenor sax,
although I've tried my best, but I couldn't stand it to hear F when I play G.
So I'm still a pianist and bassist. And because there's transposing
instruments, I need transposing, "intelligent" symbols. But I don't think it's
necessary to be inconsistent in one's own notation. So I'd say, with a script
everybody can configure it on their own, once and for all times.

I hope that's alright with you, didn't mean to upset you


Am Son, 01 Apr 2001 schrieben Sie:
> "Jeff Henrikson" <address@hidden> writes:
> > Survey 10 random jazz musicians with this question and 9 out of 10
> > will say "Yes, here's how it works . . ."  The problem is those
> > explanations will have little or nothing to do with one another.
> > Don't systematize!  Don't expect a computer program to change jazz
> > culture.  And of course don't expect jazz culture to bend their
> > brains around an artificial systemization.
> I agree with you.  Even if one could divide the formatting conventions
> into "schools", there will be many variations according to individuals,
> and most individuals are somewhat attached to their own way.  Rightly so,
> because the goal of the chord symbols is to express the composer's idea
> as clearly as possible.  It's hard enough without having another person's
> system shoved in between.
> However, if there were a system in which the details could be easily
> configured for any given block of music, that would not be too bad,
> because it would have the same effect of giving the user control.
> I'm not familiar with the internals of Lilypond.  Although I read that
> it is possible to customize and extend the current chord system,
> I'm not sure how to do it.  Is it easy?  I think that that should be
> something that the ordinary user is encouraged to do, and facilities
> for the most common kinds of extension should be provided.
> Yes, it's easy for me to say this, but it takes more work actually
> to do it.  I'm willing to help when I have time, if that is possible
> even though I'm not an expert.  I don't know C++ at all, but I know
> some about Scheme.
> Thomas
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