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Re: "My dad is a pirate."

From: El Tux
Subject: Re: "My dad is a pirate."
Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2008 15:50:49 -0000
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On Mon, 25 Feb 2008 00:49:57 -0500, rjack wrote:

> El Tux wrote:
>> I don't remember them all any more but the judge's ruling is packed
>> with such errors - all favoring the RIAA.
> Ahhh. Seems I forgot about your SCOTUS status. Maybe I'm just in
> denial...

As an open-source user I'm quite interested in copyright and patent
issues. Some of my online time every day is devoted to reading
copyright-related blogs, legal opinions from opposing sides, court
rulings, and news. And I don't *require* your approval to express my
conclusions based on those readings.

Now, did you have anything concrete to offer or should I just toss you
into my killfile with the rest of the idiots?

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