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Re: Linus, and whether tactfulness has any value

From: Christopher Browne
Subject: Re: Linus, and whether tactfulness has any value
Date: Wed, 28 Dec 2005 00:21:17 -0500
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> Gespracht wrote:
>> >Beside that, many Europeans seem to practice a blunt, abrupt style of 
>> >speech.
>> Very true, and on the whole it's a good thing I think.
> It might also party explain why there's been several thousands of years
> of European wars.  ;-)

The point is that many Europeans whose first language isn't English
speak a form of English that is different from that spoken by those to
whom English is their "mother tongue."

If the point is to get a technical message across, and, for engineers
and the like, that *is* the point, some of the niceties are properly
(reverse (concatenate 'string "moc.liamg" "@" "enworbbc"))
Rules of the Evil Overlord #192.  "If I appoint someone as my consort,
I will  not subsequently inform  her that she  is being replaced  by a
younger, more attractive woman.  <>

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