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RE: 2400 Baud

From: Michael Hutchinson
Subject: RE: 2400 Baud
Date: Wed, 7 Oct 2009 11:57:52 +1300


> I'm trying to get Gnokii to send via a fixed line SMS modem. The modem
> seems to use standard GSM commands and emulates a serial port, and I
> can
> successfully send messages from a terminal session using AT+CMGS.

This is a good sign..

> I'm using port=/dev/ttyUSB0, (which I've tested with the terminal
> session), and model= at, and set the serial_baudrate = 2400, as that
> what the modem seems to need according to the documentation.
> When I send I get "Serial port speed 2400 not supported!".
> Is there a way around this? Is this even a good idea, and should I
> devote some time to a writing a script to drive the modem directly
> not much of a programmer)?
> There's some info on the modem at
> It uses a CP2101 usb-serial
> converter- I had to change the VID and PID to get the driver to
> recognise it.

Hrmm. Sounds like a Gnokii issue if 2400 baud is refusing to work.
However, if I were you, I would try higher values and see if they work.
They will not break your modem, the worst that will happen is that you
wont be able to communicate with it without setting the port rate back

So, try 19200 for instance, with Gnokii. If you're going to "drive the
modem directly" with some scripts then that's OK too - just make sure
you program in plenty of error checking, so if something goes wrong, you
will know why.



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