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nokia 6310 under win32 does not work

From: Matthias Weber
Subject: nokia 6310 under win32 does not work
Date: Tue, 23 May 2006 14:56:31 +0200
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Hi! Today I started my first try with gnokii! I put my data cable (dlr3p) on the phone (nokia 6310) and on my computer (running the windows xp operating system). It perfektly works under nokia pc suite 4. I wanted to try some things with gnokii (after having tried to put the right configuration into the config file), but I get some errors and unfortunately don't know their meaning:

command line: gnokii --identify
GNOKII Version 0.6.6
Orphaned line: [global]É♠C
Orphaned line: port = com1:
Orphaned line: model = 6510
Orphaned line: initlength = default
Orphaned line: connection = serial
Orphaned line: use_locking = yes
Orphaned line: serial_baudrate = 19200
Orphaned line: smsc_timeout = 10

"orphaned line" does not sound that good. Furthermore it says after having put the command into the command line that an error occured and the application has to be closed.

Sometimes (dunno when) I even get:
Lock file error. Exiting.

What does that mean? I downloaded the files for win32 under
Thanks for help and sorry for beeing a noob! ;)

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