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forcing car/headset mode?

From: Trevor Hawkins
Subject: forcing car/headset mode?
Date: Mon, 02 Jun 2003 17:12:53 -0700


We are trying to force Nokia phones (6190 and 6310i) into either the car
or headset modes, while keeping data access via a dau9p or dlr3p cable. 
We wish to force the phone to change between two different profiles
under our control, with one of these being either the car, headset or
handsfree profiles.  

The main ideas we've had so far involve either attaching and removing
external hardware or sending FBUS commands.  Unfortunately, we do not
know any FBUS commands that can accomplish such a task and have not been
able to find anything of substance.  Also the headsets for these phones
tie up the data access.  So, all we have come up with so far:

- For the 6190 it is simple enough to use a 10k resistor between MIC and
SGND, which will force the phone into headset mode.  We are little leery
of hacking the dau9p cable to incorporate this and hacking and
interfacing a cheap headset to the cable would seem to pose the same
dilemma, but at least this should work.  Any third party headsets that
allow serial port access for the 6190/6310 or other suggestions?  

- For the 6310, the resistor trick will not work, and after searching
around we havn't found any other ways to do this.  So, can anyone
recommend any FBUS commands or external hardware that will do this for
the 6310?  The wireless $169US CARK-112 carkit would place the phone
into car mode via bluetooth, so we keep data access, but it is pricy for
us.  What about hacking a normal headset for the 6310 even though the
resistor trick doesn't work?

Thanks for your time and any help is most appreciated...


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